Meals in Harmony with the Seasons – Moroccan Stew

It was only 60 years ago that factory farming started to take off and change our American way eating. Before that time most of what is taught regarding seasonal eating in Ayurveda was common knowledge. We ate with the seasons because that is what was available.


The Cosmic Healer – Lord Dhanvantari

And so today, and every day, we thank Lord Dhanvantri, the healer within each one of our hearts, for the knowledge of Ayurveda. I write this post, in honor of this cosmic principle – the principle of love, healing and the nectar of immortality. May we all experience more health, healing and prosperity this year through the alignment of mind, body and soul.


Cleansing of the Sense Organs

Through Grace, and the humbling experience of a pilgrimage through India, I began a regular practice of meditation while pregnant with Baby Yogini. Soon after, through Grace in the form of emotional suffering via fluctuating hormones, I began a regular practice of breathing exercises, or pranayama. It was obvious that it was not of my… Continue reading Cleansing of the Sense Organs